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How do I make my booking?

Fill out the Registration Forms by clicking Click on the button below that says Registration.

It is a two step process.

Step 1:

Go online, complete the form, review the information and hit submit. You will get an email saying that your information has been received.

Step 2:

An agent from Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization will call you within the next few days, at the preferred telephone number you have given in the form in step 1. They will review your input and guide you with the room selection to make sure that you select the right room type for your needs. Please get familiar with the different room types available for this group and their costs as listed in the tab "Cruise Pricing" in this link.

The agent will process the registration. Your booking is complete only after step 2 and you will get a 2nd email saying booking completed.

If you don't get either of the two emails call Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization at +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711