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Year 2020 - Florida

Dear AKMG Family,

AKMG was formed in 1980 in New York, since its formation, the first and only Archive to date was compiled and released in a coffee table book format called "Archives of AKMG, A History of the Association of Kerala Medical Graduates" in the year 2012.

It has been 8 years since that release and we are now in the digital age, hence this is the first attempt to capture some of the memories of each passing year as put together by the AKMG President of that year. The contents of each year has not been edited by any editorial board at this time. It is left to each President's discretion to showcase what they consider relevant to their term of office.

The years in between 2013 and 2020, have not been compiled yet. Please bear with us as each President gathers their material and publishes their contents.

Happy Reading !!