AKMG Convention 2021 Souvenir seeks original submissions from members and their families on medical and social matters, memorable experiences in your life, practice tips and techniques etc.

Articles should be sent as e-mail – Microsoft word - attachments. Feature articles should be about 1 - 1.5 pages (600 -1000 words), and news items about ¼ to ½ page (100 – 200 words). Stories can be creative fiction or based on personal experiences, written in a conversational style, easy to read and must be relevant to our journal. Kindly do not send any scientific papers or case reports which are more suitable for a peer reviewed journal.

Here are some of the ideas that you can consider:

  • Medical review articles that deal with a topic of interest/ relevance to AKMG Readers (about 1000 words) especially if you have special expertise in the field – like Heart Disease among Indians, Diabetes Mellitus in Indians, the Pandemic and its fall outs etc.
  • Personal Glimpses of Life,
  • – short 500 word articles about a personal experience interesting to AKMG readership (similar to 'A Piece of My Mind' in JAMA)
  • Personal Stories – immigrant stories, coming to America Stories etc.
  • The best of AKMG humor: Original jokes, humorous tid bits etc. especially from personal experiences, practice etc
  • AKMG and Poetry
  • AKMG Travelogues, especially if you have travelled to interesting places
  • Interesting Cases with a moral to the readers, etc.
  • Short stories (Fiction)
    We will consider accepting any submission pertaining to any other topic, so long as we feel that there is some sort of artistic, scientific, or literary merit to the work.
  • Please include in your response a Full face author (jpeg or PDF) photograph with author details like your specialty, practice situation, qualifications, position held, previous honors/ achievements etc. and contact information especially e-mail id which may be published with your article if you are agreeable. Any illustrative pictures / location photographs etc. that will accent your submission are welcome.
  • In In discussing personal stories, the more specific you can be about your situation including the impact on your patients, the better.
  • We may also contact you by e-mail or over the phone if needed to discuss your article further and learn more about your experience.
  • Kindly do not send any pre-published material.

You are welcome to send in your submissions.

The Editorial committee reserves the right to accept or reject any articles and edit all accepted articles as needed. Please visit our AKMG web site for detailed instructions.

Editor, AKMG Souvenir,
Atlanta Convention 2021

Word limit: 600-1000 words per submission


1. All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe on the rights of any other party.

2. The editors will have absolute right to edit the material- including grammar, language usage, length and contents.

3. Submissions with an incendiary of discriminatory stance against those of differing races, ethnicities, linguistic background, castes, religions, sexualities, will be rejected.

4. If one is planning to add a submission or add alongside their submission, the photographs and ads should be cropped or zoomed up or down to fit the space.

5. Authors should make sure their writing does not infringe on the privacy of their subjects, particularly if they are writing medical stories and personal non-fiction. If your writing involves the matters of others, please disclaim so at the end of each article.

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Cover Page Design Contest

We invite all interested participants to submit your original, creative design for the cover page that reflects both the rich heritage of Kerala state and/or Onam Celebration.


All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party.
Judges' decision is final
Winners will be awarded