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Message from President, AKMG

imageOur annual AKMG convention is scheduled for July 20-22, 2023 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. An amazing place with a small city vibe, with charm and sophistication that our members demand! Please save these dates in your calendars and ensure your attendance and participation. Committees to handle convention needs are being formed with a mandate to leave no stone unturned to ensure a memorable convention for all to reconnect and rejuvenate, educate and learn about medical advances, and to entertain and be entertained with amazing social and cultural activities! You will see convention details regularly updated through group WhatsApp, Emails and generally on our AKMG website. PLEASE BE THERE!

I look forward to seeing you and knowing more about all of you as we continue with our highly interactive remote educational, social and musical programs!

Roll on AKMG!
Geetha Nair, MD
President, AKMG

Message from Convention Chair

imageIt almost seems surreal, that I am writing this letter, to invite you to our next annual convention, especially since all of us are yet savoring the aftertaste of the sumptuous feast, that our friends in Toronto had prepared for us this year. In keeping with the motto, of having the good times rolling, on behalf of the Michigan Chapter, it is my honor and privilege, as Convention Chair to invite you, with family, to the 44th Annual AKMG Convention to be held between July 20 to 22, 2023, in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Grand Rapids, the second largest city in Michigan, is a vibrant city, west of Detroit, standing by the Grand River. Places Rated Almanac ranked Grand Rapids as the #3 city in the nation for fun and recreation, "because of a cosmopolitan city, with the spectacular recreation of an outdoor paradise." And what better time to visit than summer, where you can enjoy the glorious Michigan sun, basking by the enchanting, pristine waters of Lake Michigan. Also known as Beer City, and the Craft Beverage Capital, think of all the college memories you can catch up on, post CME, when old friends get together in one of the many wonderful taverns, within a hop-skip-and jump away in Downtown.

Our venue for the event, is the majestic Amway Grand Plaza by Hilton, which is in the list of the Historic Hotels of America, where we can experience its regal grandeur. Located in downtown Grand Rapids, all the action happens around this iconic landmark, and is well equipped to host us all for our convention.

We are preparing to provide you with a wonderful experience, including, stimulating CME sessions, vibrant and scintillating cultural and entertainment events, food that appeals to our tastes, meaningful programs to engage family, all geared towards furthering and enhancing our shared fraternity.

We will keep you posted on details for our 44th Annual AKMG Convention through regular communication, both through personal messages and by updating information on our website.

Through the years, I am sure you may have all realized that, no matter how elaborate the preparations or plans, how big or magnificent the city and its attractions, what makes our conventions really grand, is the grand presence of our members with their families, yearning to spend time with friends to create memories of a lifetime!

So, Block the Dates Now! July 20 to 22, 2023. See you all in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Warm Regards,
Biju Poulose MD
Convention Chair,

Message from Convention Co-chair

imageIt is my distinct honor and pleasure to invite you all to the 44th AKMG annual convention to be held at Grand Rapids, MI between July 20 and 22nd, 2023.

Michigan has had 5 AKMG Presidents already since the inception of the organization, and Dr. Geetha Nair is the 6th, and first woman President from the State of Michigan. Two AKMG conventions were held earlier in the State of Michigan with astounding success, both in urban locations in the Great Lakes Region of the American Midwest. This year Dr. Geetha Nair has taken the "convention" venue to an "unconventional" location, a unique panoramic destination, off the din and bustle of the Motor City to Grand Rapids, a quaint city east of Lake Michigan.

Grand Rapids is an iconic Michigan City with an array of famous craft breweries, a magnificent botanical garden/conservatory – the Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park, and the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum, besides several ecosystem preserves and natural locales not too far from Grand Rapids. As one of Michigan's best kept secrets, Grand Rapids would certainly be a perfect and memorable getaway, where you can abundantly explore and also splurge in academic and sociocultural sessions. AKMG has always kept in mind the resilience of its members, and given the most fulfilling time of friendship, warmth and camaraderie. Let us plan in advance to enjoy the cultural attractions of Grand Rapids, its outdoor recreation and arts, while we find some quality personal time to engage and unwind.

Please do not forget to mark your calendars from July 20-22, 2023, so we can all hang out together in Grand Rapids. Michigan.

Regards and Cheers!
Sunil Manjila, MD
Convention Co-Chair
2023 AKMG Convention