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38th AKMG Annual Convention 2017

Convention Chair

Welcome to the 38th Annual AKMG Convention 2017 July 20, 21, and 22.The Convention will be held at the magnificent hotel, the Sheraton Grand Chicago, located on the Chicago River and of walking Read More...

Editor's Note

The 37th Annual AKMG Convention in Miami Beach was a sold out event and the attendees enjoyed the CHANGE that Dr. Sunil Kumar and his Convention team promised in terms of dining and entertainment .. Read More...

AKMG 2017 Chicago Convention

Convention highlights

Thursday, July 20 :
6 PM. Dinner Cruise on Lake Michigan
Friday, July 21 :
campus night showcasing Young AKMG
Saturday,July 22:
Gala Banquet with Vijay Yesudas Show.