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Rising star Mentorship Program

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Dear AKMG Family,

AKMG has been proactive in supporting our Rising Star Mentorship Program for Medical Students and International Medical Graduates Of Kerala Origin in developing their career path as successful doctors in North America and Canada. This not only involves professional guidance and training by mentors in various specialities but providing opportunities for shadowing and observership as well.

Conducting mock interviews and assisting with residency applications have been greatly helpful to our applicants over the last few years. We can proudly say that many of our applicants have been successfully accepted into various residency programs in North America and Canada with the help of our Mentorship program.

Due to popular demand and a rapid increase in the number of applicants in both Mentorship and residency guidance areas over recent months, we have decided to restrict registrations to our Mentorship Program to twice a year during a one year period, which will be January and June of each academic year. As of now, registration will be closed and our new enrollments will start again in January 2024. AKMG Rising Star Mentorship Program is truly dedicated to enhance and improve our training and guidance process for our students and residents which will go long way in developing their professional career. We strongly anticipate to implement a more efficient and structured program in future years with continued help of our dedicated team of mentors in AKMG. We also encourage more physicians to come forward to become mentors and be part of this incredible program provided by our prestigious organization.

Once again wishing the very best to all our applicants in coming years

Warm regards

Sindu Pillai MD, FAAP
President, AKMG

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Residency Interview Prep

Time: Saturday, Oct 15, 2022 02:00 PM EST

Virtual Seminar - Effective Residency Application Process

Mentorship and Young AKMG committees presented Virtual Seminar - Effective Residency Application Process - on Sunday 28th August, 2022.

Journal Club

Our first Journal Club was hosted on Dec 4, 2021, at 6pm EST. This was a resounding success, exceptionally well organized with good audience interaction and sufficient time left for questions and answers. We made sure to finish within the hour. Our special thanks to AKMG members Dr. Surya Suresh and Dr. Johnson Thomas for their excellent and informative talks. This would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of mentors Dr. Rajan Krishnamani and Dr. Madhu Balakrishnan. We also thank Dr. George Varghese for his input on the statistical methodology during the preparations.

The recording of the proceedings is available in this link.


The mentorship committee and education committee under the able leadership of Drs. Deepu Sudhakaran, Rojymon Jacob, and Khaleel Ashraf as well as our Toronto Convention CME Chair Dr. Vinod Chandran have excellent plans in place. "Launchpad", AKMG's leadership course led by Dr. Marina George MD, MBA, is all set to launch. This is meant to be an introductory course on leadership in medicine and this should be immensely helpful in understanding important principles of management and leading teams of various sizes. Guest speakers will bring in different perspectives and open our minds to various career options for health care workers.

Our membership continues to grow thanks to the ongoing campaign. AKMG welcomes all new members with open arms. You are the future of this organization. Please actively participate in the programs and nourish it with your novel ideas. A meet to welcome all new members who joined in the last 6 months was held on September 15, 2021. We will continue this as a tradition to introduce the organization and what it offers to members. This will also be an opportunity to gather fresh ideas from new members.

Rising Star Virtual Seminar

AKMG has long worked on mentorship for students and medical students in developing their career path as successful doctors in the USA and Canada. The mentorship committee under the leadership of Dr. Majeed Paduvana, Dr Raji Menon and Dr. Thomas Mathew with the help of many members like Dr. Roy Varghese has been doing exemplary work like helping medical students with observer ship and externship opportunities in the US.
To further the success of the mentorship program this year we are starting a 'Rising Star' program. Objective of this is to:

  1. Support the development of future doctors from Malayali and AKMG Community.
  2. Develop opportunity for American and International Medical Graduates for a career in USA and Canada
  3. Support career development of young AKMG physicians.

Virtual Seminar Videos

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