Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

AKMG Mentorship program committee members


Majeed Paduvana, MD Raji Menon, MD Thomas Mathew, MD Deepu Sudakaran, MD
Majeed Paduvana, MD

Raji Menon, MD

Thomas P.Mathew, MD

Deepu Sudakaran, MD


AKMG has long worked on mentorship for students and medical students in developing their career path as successful doctors in the USA and Canada. The mentorship committee under the leadership of Dr. Majeed Paduvana, Dr Raji Menon and Dr. Thomas Mathew with the help of many members like Dr. Roy Varghese has been doing exemplary work like helping medical students with observer ship and externship opportunities in the US.

To further the success of the mentorship program this year we are starting a 'Rising Star' program. Objective of this is to:

• Support the development of future doctors from Malayali and AKMG Community.

• Develop opportunity for American and International Medical Graduates for a career in USA and Canada.

• Support career development of young AKMG physicians.

Our next virtual seminar in this series will be on Jan 16, 2021: 10 am to 1pm EST.

Part 1: Medicine and Dentistry as a career in USA and Canada - What to expect and how to prepare.

(How to build up your profile for a successful application to Medical and Dental School)

Part 2: Practice highlight: Pediatric and Adult Pulmonary Critical Care