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AKMG's Rising Star mentorship program is designed to mentor and groom medical students and international medical graduates connected to Kerala by medical education or Malayali roots and aspire to have a medical career or healthcare career in the United States of America.

Medical graduates from the medical colleges of Kerala.
International medical students or medical graduates of Malayali or Kerala roots from North America or elsewhere.
Tips to prepare for USMLE
Mentoring and grooming to be successful in observerships, externships, and shadowing.
Grooming to prepare for residency in the United States through interaction with practicing attending physicians in the United States and Canada
Review of CV and ERAS application
Review of personal statement for general comments
Mock zoom interviews
Preparation for a successful residency.
There will be a WhatsApp group to which the mentees will be added. This is the main platform where mentees and mentors share information and ask and answer questions.
At least one Zoom meeting every two weeks of the month.
Meet, greet, and code of conduct
USMLE preparation
Medical Professionalism in North America
Professional etiquettes
Preparation of CV and ERAS application
Preparation of personal application
How to prepare for interviews
Mock interviews
Career advice about different specialties
Research, presentations, publications
SOAP and Scramble
Residency preparation
Question and answer sessions
No, however, we have a list of mentors who may offer observerships or externships according to their convenience and institutional rules. They are available to only those who exhibit ultimate professionalism and can make their transportation, stay, and food arrangements.
No, the feedback is primarily general comments and reviews, like what happens when a program director or faculty reads it. The mentees are responsible for writing and editing correctly with the help of online or in-person professional help for writing style and American English.
All questions can be asked in the WhatsApp group or during the Zoom sessions.
If a personal question can not be shared in the group, you may text the designated mentor or leadership to fix an appointment time and date for a short segment of time to talk.
There are two registration periods. Each year, from January 1 to 31 for four weeks and from June 1 to June 30 for four.
Please fill out the application form on the AKMG website and submit it with a CV and a personal statement of not more than 400 words or one A4 page.
Once our secretary receives the application form, CV, and personal statement, she will verify it through email or a phone call, make a list, and submit it to the core committee of mentors. In January, during our mentorship meetings, we will review them, will make the final list, and the secretary will get back to you by the end of January. If you are accepted, you will be asked to pay the $100 administrative fee for the next 12 months; you will be added to the residency guidance WhatsApp group, and then you will have access to the zoom meetings which will be published in Residency guidance group. The first Zoom meeting to meet and greet will be at the beginning of February.
We recommend you follow the professional etiquette of North American medical culture and have the resident applicant or Mentee initiate and continue the communications rather than parents, relatives, and friends on the future Mentee's behalf. This is important for functioning well in residencies and helps us to have an ongoing evaluation of professionalism throughout the 12 months.
Practicing attending physicians ( AKMG members) in academic or non-academic settings . Current residents or fellows.
Yes. All the mentors are volunteering their time.
Yes, in the new reformed program, the $100 administrative fee is for 12 months to participate in the program. You can renew it by paying another $100 administrative fee at the end of 12 months.
Yes. Each individual has to pay the administrative fee. During the meetings, we expect to see each of you on the camera. The reason is that you will be appearing individually for interviews and will be doing your residencies individually. You will also be evaluated individually in every situation.
Add a passport-size picture at the top
Name with your degree
Home address
Email address
Phone number- if you have Indian and US numbers, include both.
Write the details one after the other in chronological order, starting with the latest at the top.
Professional experience/Work experience.
Other certification.
Awards and honors.
Publications: you may use the APA format.
Non-Peer reviewed.
Online media.
Print media.
Oral Presentations.
Poster presentations.
Other research: include if there is a project you are working on.
Personal information: If you want to disclose, you may give information about your family.
< 400 words
Include your connection, reason, or eligibility to be an AKMG member and be an AKMG rising star mentee.
Write your educational background and your growth through medical school and if there is any work experience or professional experience after that.
Your USMLE history, including test scores and attempts.
Write your reason for applying for residency or professional work in America.
Write what specialty you are considering applying to; if you are undecided, mention that.
Write what you expect from this program.
Write the professionalism that you will be bringing to this program.
Write what you will contribute to the program and AKMG in the future years.
The candidates who have the highest professionalism, who take feedback well, who are humble enough to learn a new medical culture and abide by it, who have a medium USMLE score without many attempts, and who have an intense desire to succeed in North America, but do not have any contacts to move forward like family or friends.
AKMG has a national convention every summer in different parts of the United States or Canada. During this national convention, the mentees will have the opportunity to have poster presentations or oral presentations.
There will be meetings on mentorship at the convention where the mentees can meet with mentors in person, discuss their issues, and get guidance. There may be opportunities for mock interviews, review of CVs, applications, and personal statements.
Please read the code of conduct and abide by that.
Work on american english language and communication skills. You may use any number of videos from american youtubers to refine accent, pronounciation, enunciation, pace and communication skills.
We expect all the mentees registered with the AKMG Rising Star program to adhere to the following code of conduct. The Code of Conduct was developed to optimize the available resources and equity in support.
1. All initial enrollment or AKMG program questions should be directed to the AKMG administrative staff.
2. All other questions should be posted only through the group WhatsApp chat.
3. Personal statements and CV-related questions must be posted at least one month before the deadline.
4. Mentees should not request individual mentors to write letters of reference (unless they have worked with the mentor for at least 2-4 weeks), visa letters, or solicit residency interviews.
5. Include your assigned enrollment number in ALL communications.
6. Attend atleast 80% of the group Zoom meetings, including the Mock interviews and complete assignments.
7. Contacting multiple mentors will be considered unprofessional.
8. Non-adherence to the code of conduct may result in the loss of privileges associated with the AKMG Rising Star program membership.