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Dear AKMG Colleagues and loved ones in the broad AKMG family, 

We get the privilege and the opportunity to be in Canada again, thanks to our Canadian AKMG leadership. The nuclear-powered couple, our President Dr. Nigil Haroon and his dear wife Dr. Nisha Nigil are great sources of resuscitation of AKMG that our Immediate Past President Dr. Subra Bhat began by attracting new young and not so old folks into our AKMG fold, as new members.

As we celebrate our 43rd Annual AKMG Convention in Toronto, Canada, August 4-6, 2022, I want to encourage all our healthcare-oriented providers and family members of Kerala ancestry to join and   attend our AKMG Convention. There are so many added attractions around Toronto including the famous Niagara Falls that nobody should miss, because one never knows when one gets a chance again in one's life and travels.

There was a time in the 1990's and early 2000's when the demise of AKMG was predicted, because the senior AKMG leadership felt that older members were passing away, that there were no more new young leaders volunteering, no more young healthcare professionals joining AKMG. Thank God, over the past 10 years or so, AKMG is thriving and getting stronger, thanks to our US and Canadian colleagues. My pranaams to my Canadian AKMG leaders and colleagues, who have pulled way more heavy lifting in the past few years. 

I have great faith in our AKMG leadership. We are doing much better than the previous decades. AKMG is in very safe hands. I honor and respect our upcoming leadership, our ladies including Geetha Nair and Sindhu Pillai who are going to be leading us in the next 2 years. AKMG as an organization is far ahead of all other organizations and governments when it comes to women-oriented leadership.  

Please consider campaigning among our Kerala origin healthcare providers in your neighborhood and friends to join in as an AKMG member. Let us warmly welcome them. Utilize all and every opportunity including social, cultural, family events to explain about our AKMG, and how well it is a healing experience when one meets old friends, makes new friends and connects to a culture and cuisine. thousands of years old, during our annual AKMG Conventions. As an icing on the cake, one gets to visit a different city each year as well, while attending the AKMG Conventions held annually in different cities in the US and Canada.

Finally, contribute as much as you can to AKMG-HS, we can do a bit to alleviate hardship and poverty, support education for the less privileged in India, Kerala, Canada and the US. AKMG HS is in strong hands of Drs. Sunil Kumar and Thomas Mathew. Dr. Prem Menon for decades led AKMG HS and I have to pay my respectful tributes to him for his dedication and service.

Something to ponder over- I think we should modify AKMG bylaws to welcome other healthcare providers including Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners of Kerala ancestry or connections, who are increasingly playing a major role in our clinical practice.

Respectfully submitted,

Krishna. R Prasad MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter