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Dear AKMG members,
We are all eagerly looking forward to attending the 44th Annual AKMG Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 20-22, 2023. Dr. Geetha Nair and her fabulous organizing committee members are working hard to make the convention a grand success. We can savor sweet memories of the fabulous 43rd Annual AKMG Convention in Toronto in August 2022 organized by Dr. Nigil Haroon and his great team, through several photographs from the Toronto Convention in this edition of the Reporter.

Over the recent 10-15 years, AKMG has been blessed with tremendous leadership by the younger generation, reinvigorating and reenergizing the organization. We have now had already 6 women as AKMG Presidents, a few more in the pipeline enviable achievement, when you look at any other organizations, companies and governmental bodies across the world. We do have very many driven and dedicated leaders, men and women, who ensure continued glorious future for AKMG in the decades to come and inspire our younger members to become future AKMG leaders. AKMG's future is bright and secure, we know now.

Please remember to encourage medical/dental students, trainees including residents and fellows whom you come across in your communities to join AKMG. As a mature organization, AKMG is engaged in multi-faceted activities including educational, cultural, humanitarian and charitable endeavors across North America and India/Kerala. It is very important to contribute whatever amounts, tax deductible, to AKMG-HS.

I must mention the great humanitarian and educational financial contribution by Dr. Ravindra Nathan to establish "Knowledge Center" in the Trivandrum Medical College campus. He joins a handful of the alumni from the Trivandrum Medical College who have made very substantial contributions over past several years. While contributing to the AKMG-HS, please also remember to help improve your India/Kerala based Alma Mater.

Kindly spend some time visiting our website, akmg.org and read all the relevant information regarding the 44th Annual AKMG Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2023 July 20-22, as well as many other connected AKMG activities. Please make sure that you attend our upcoming Grand Rapids convention with family members and friends. I am humbled to have served as the editor of the AKMG Reporter over the past several years. My sincere apologies for the delay in getting this edition of the AKMG Reporter. I am deeply indebted to Mr. Velluva Mohandas and Mrs. Preetha Konnackal, who are the principal architects behind the production and publication of the final version of this edition of the AKMG Reporter.

Respectfully submitted,

Krishna. R Prasad MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter